The Henries Awards

The judging has taken place and The Henries 2017 finalists have been announced!

The UK leads the world in greeting cards, both in design and per capita send - The Henries awards celebrate this pre-eminence.

Named after Sir Henry Cole (who introduced the first commercially produced Christmas card over 160 years ago), The Henries were introduced by Progressive Greetings Worldwide magazine in 1996 as annual awards to shine the spotlight on greeting card ranges.

The Henries Awards are the ultimate accolades in greeting card publishing, and each year some 15,000 cards are entered!

The Henries award categories span the whole gambit of greeting card publishing, from humour to cute, art to handmade and everything in between. (See Finalists)

The majority of the awards are for card ranges that have either been launched in the preceding year or for new designs to an existing range. The Henries awards are open to all UK publishers from the largest multi-national to the smallest one-man band.

Who Judged The 2017 Henries Awards?

All entries are judged by an extensive panel comprising top retail buyers from right across the retail spectrum including specialist multiples, independents, online card retailers, small groups, department store selectors, supermarket buyers etc.

The Judging Process

The judging for all the product categories took place on a single day, at The Depot, a bar and restaurant adjacent to PG's London offices (where they used to make London buses!).

The criteria for judging were: - Quality of Design
- Quality of print, production and manufacture
- Appropriateness for the market sector at which it is aimed
- Value for money

Each member of the judging panel considered each entry, not on what the individual buyer would sell in their shop(s), but against the above criteria.

The Henries Awards 2017 Ooh La La Parisian Ball

The Henries winners are unveiled at THE big night in the greeting card industry calendar attended by 1,000 people from all walks of the card trade, including a myriad of publishers, retailers, artists, overseas distributors, and suppliers.

The largest awards to celebrate greeting cards in the UK, this year The Henries Awards 2017 is on a Ooh La La Parisian theme ( on Thursday October 5 at The Lancaster London Hotel in London).(See Tickets)

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